Serving Grafton, Port Washington, Cedarburg, Germantown, Ozaukee County, WI

Community-style Acupuncture

Community-style acupuncture treatments are given in a quiet and relaxing common area with other patients at a lower cost than our private acupuncture sessions.

Maintaining this relaxing environment and allowing time for all clients requires that no one talk too much in the common space. If you wish to have a substantial conversation with your practitioner, we can have a phone discussion prior to your first appointment or you may wish to schedule a private acupuncture treatment before beginning community sessions.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing if possible. Ideally, there should be easy access to your legs up past the knee, arms past the elbows, and (in some cases) abdomen. Feel free to bring such clothes to change into before your treatment.

Note: Mei Zen facial rejuvenation treatments are not included in community acupuncture services.

At this time, we are offering walk-in hours. Please see my schedule for office hours and walk-in times.