Serving Grafton, Port Washington, Cedarburg, Germantown, Ozaukee County, WI

Herbal Formulas

Formulas can contain a few or several herbs. The herbs work synergistically to correct imbalances in the body and can enhance the positive effects of acupuncture treatment. We only use herbal formulas that have been manufactured under strict quality control. We carry herbal formulas from the following companies: Kan Herb, Three Treasures and MediHerb.

Whole Food supplements

Many of the foods we eat have been stripped of their nutritional value. They are heavily processed and/or come from improperly managed mega-farms and nutrient poor soil. The foods we eat are not providing our bodies with the nutrition it needs to survive and be healthy.

Whole Food supplements provide the building blocks of nutrients, co-factors and enzymes that allows the body to repair, for healing to occur, and to maintain lifelong health and vitality. We carry Standard Process Whole Food supplements, a Wisconsin company.